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there Are Some basic Privacy Policies Of my Website that i a Discuss in Point You can read All the basic Policies Of My blog.
Its Very Informative For you Before Using my Website.

Cookies Information
— We Are Using Cookies in Our website user. We Are Saving Your Cookies And Searching interest In Our Website For Sending
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Analytics Policy Of This Site
— Yes We Are Using the Google Analytic Tool For Checking the All Activities of the users On Our Website Like I’m Seeing All the Users Engagement,
What is the Interest Of User, How Mush time User Spend On Which Page Of Your Blog.

We Are Publishing Advertising On Our Website. Only We are Publishing Ad-sense Ads On this Blog.
And We are Publishing Our Own Ads To Promote Our Product In Online fields. Other Wise We Are Not Showing 3rd Party Ads On Our Blog.

Its very Important To Inform You About It. Basics Of my Website is an Fully Education Site.
On this Site i am Publishing y own Educational Stuff. And All kinds Of those Information i’m Share that Wants Peoples Know.

All the Content is Published By the Authors And Admin Of this website. Before Publishing All The Content On this Blog Is Review by The Admin of Website.

And i Want To inform You This Website has Its own Content all the Content is Written by Its Self Of their Authors.
So Do not Copy Our Website Content Without Our Permission If you Are Copying Our Site Content then We Will report Your site Where You use this Site Content.
And we are Taking Action According To Google Copy right Claims.
If you Want to get data From Our Blog then you Need to Show the credit Or Sources In Your Site Where You Want To Show or Use Our data.
Other Wise We have Fully Rights To Claims Of Our Original Content.